One day late, as yesterday Xanga  maintenance did not allow me to update. In compensation, you won have to wait for what I have to say on the FSL current freeze, and to take a look at my new avatar?o:p>



On Tuesday, I got an email from my brother. If  you do not know it, he is a hotel manager in the little town of Biarritz, a sea resort on the Atlantic coast, a few kilometres away from the Spanish border. The place had its time of fame during the 19th century, as it was one of the favourites of Empress Eugenie, Napoleon the 3rd wife. Anyway, my brother wanted to check if his hotel (really a good place to call in you ever visit southwestern France, good bang for your bucks) was listed on Google. Needless to say, he  found it in a good position, as well as  * wink, wink *  the various miniatures I have displayed both on the AFFSHC home page, and the LotB contests galleries. As well as a little surprise (Lagoanere is my surname)?o:p>


1779 December 19. Sunday.

Dined with Monsieur De Tournelle, with all my Family. The Regent, or President of the Souvereign Court of the Kingdom of Gallicia, The Attorney General, the Administrator of the Kings Revenue of Tobacco, the Commandant of the Artillery, Mr. Lagoanere and others were there.

The Entertainment was very sumptuous in all respects, but there was the greatest Profusion and Variety of Wines I ever saw brought to any Table. In Addition to the Wines of France ,Bourdeaux, Champaigne, Burgundy, We had Constantin and all the best Wines of Spain red and white. The names and qualities of all of them were given Us, but I remember only the Sherry, Alicant?and Navarre. The Spanish and Irish Gentlemen were very liberal in their Compliments to the Consul on the Excellence of his Wines which they pronounced the oldest and best they had ever seen. The Chief Justice and Attorney General were very gay and very jocular with the Consul and Mr. Lagoanere on his rich and rare Selection of Spanish Wines and archly insinuated that it was a studied Exhibition before the American Minister and a mercantile Speculation. I afterwards was informed that Mr. Detournelle and Mr. Lagoanere had some secret Connection in Trade, which could not be avowed, as an Ordinance of the King of France prohibits Commerce to his Consuls. Mr. Lagoanere avowed that he had procured the Wines.

This quote has been taken out of John Adams?diary, the John Adams who has been the 2nd President of the United States. I cannot be sure the Lagoanere in question is one of my direct ancestors. Several brothers, 2 or 3, moved from Manciers (a little town in the Gers area) to Bordeaux (Bourdeaux is an archaic spelling, even by the 18th century). There one of them became a noble, as he bought a charge from the King (my ancestor,  * chuckles * , and added a de before his name, which the family later renounced, whatever the reason, during the French Revolution. I am nearly positive the Lagoanere who dined with John Adams must have a close cousin to my ancestor?o:p>


And after this errmmm, protocolary dinner, on to another kind of protocol. Namely, Internet Protocol, which is this string of numbers you can type in the address bar instead of the url, as if the u.r.l. were not complicated enough as they are. Well, these tiny bites of information have caused the most anguishing frustration for me this week. Since there was some kind of mix up, I have been unable to access CBT forums ( try to guess the withdrawal affliction) for the better part of the week. Needless to say, to compound on my misery, important events were set in motion in the Fan Councils game?You can guess how grateful I am to TeamNutmeg who fixed the problem for me. Hmmm, I wish sometimes I were more computer literate, though when I watch most people of my generation, I guess I do not rank too low in this respect.


On a different topic, the Fan Councils role playing game on Classic is on hold till further notice. Maybe this is a good thing, after the recent spate of flaring tempers, as events are, very likely, heading to decision point. This is a game after all, and the cardinal rule of games is that people must have fun?Letting things cool down a bit will certainly prepare people to enjoy what comes next. And, like all good games, when a decision has been made and a conclusion reached, it is time to start another. I would rather be of the opinion tosee the moderating team set events so that the game reaches a natural in plot conclusion before the end of the summer?



Nous sommes ici par la volont?du Peuple, nous ne sortirons que par la Force des Ba鮡nnettes.





Have you noticed how some weeks weirdly enough get a topic of their own, however unrelated it may be to your own real life issues? Granted, last week has not been excedingly active on the private front, with my various little projects (and my family) gently bumping forward on their way. Which left more general issues take precedence. In this case, airplanes, all sorts of them actually.


This started monday, as I was asked by my boss to shepherd an airforce officer who had come to my school to introduce our pupils to the various trades offered our Arm嶪 de lir. I must say I have been impressed by the way he worked. Instead of gathering kids in big numbers to show them some stuff in which theye not interested, this time he set up private interviews with already interested kids. This worked more or less, as not a lot came, but those who did are, in my opinion, more likely to join later. And since the Air Force never needed a mass levy?

Anyway, the guy was real nice, and we could have some really interesting talks between interviews. He taught me a lot about the way our Air Force fought during the 1986 Chad incidents against the Libyans, and our policy makers reacted. We then talked of how kids were reacting to the perpective of a career in the Air Force. As you certainly expected, the Flying Boys (and gals now, * chuckles *) have lost  none of their aura. But there was a more somber counterpoint, when he came to explain they had set up a simulator (a Falcon one) to show kids what it was to fly a jet. A few kids of North African origin just took it like the occasion to emulate terror attacks and tried to crash the planes into the Eiffel tower. Of course, the staff stopped the simulator at the 1st hint of this crap, and gave the seat to another kid. A good and balanced reaction, which antagonises no one. The question is, for how long will we be able to do so?


Tuesday was a less sinister day, with the inauguration of the new Airbus. Mind you, it was a heck of a celebration, with no less than 4 heads of state in the nearby town of Toulouse, where I had the pleasure to be a student in my time. There was a thread on this at CBT, and Ie described the technical feats that are done just to get the different parts of this plane there from all other Europe. Then someone said it was inefficient, which is true. The wonder is that however inefficient it is, a good part of what the UE does is reasonably successful?Il  try to keep this in mind when we vote later this year on the Constitution?o:p>


And we come to Thursday, which by all accounts was a very, very typical French day. State workers striked all over the country, regarding their wages, the government policy and so on. The really depressing part was what happened in Bordeaux Airport, where air traffic controllers went on strike, which is their legal right. Mind you, there is a legislation in France which enables the government to requisition part of them, in order to ensure some traffic can take place and nobody gets stranded. Well, the government believed they did not need to do it. End result, 5, 000 people stranded at the airport throughout the day. Well, as for me, since I did not fly that day, I did not  notice before I went home?o:p>


Well, it looks like another weekly instalment has been done. On the CBT front, I have written the main part of a submission for the Goshen Review, but Il wait before I send it, as I not overly satisfied with what Ie done. And  this FSL thing is taking LOTS of time, * chuckles*


Maman les pits bateaux

Qui vont sur l’eau

Ont ils des jambes ?


Mais oui mon gros b皻a

Sls nn avaient pas

Ils nvanceraient pas !





I have  decided to follow the trend of classic battletechers and open a blog… Belay that! I had decided long ago, and it’s just that my computer skills must have increased. All these snake eyes I rolled previously whenever I used my computer skill seem to have at last paid off…

So here I am, opening a blog on Xanga. The heck if I know what I’ll talk to you about. I’d found an item about topless sunbathing on MSNBC, but on second thoughts, I’d nbetter chose something else not to look too frivolous. Titan pics are too rehashed now, and have already been debated over and over on various CBT forums. Chirac is to be avoided at all costs. Merely thinking of this worm ( I shamelessly confess I did enjoy the Sun’s cover page 2 years ago, *chuckles*) sends my temper into the red. And I don’t want to Stackpole myself or suffer an automatic shutdown.

Ah, well, my favorite beverage, Knockando, could well fit. If you do not know yet, it’s a pure malt, 12 years old scotch whisky (and when it comes to whisky, no one beats the Scots) which I gladly drink over better known stuffs such as Chivas. I’d found some cherry tomatoes (I must confess I do not know the proper English name, those are these tiny, cherry sized tomatoes) which I gobbled up for ap廨itif. Well, that’s the best I’ve had with my beloved Knockando. Tastes marry beautifully, the sourness of the scotch suddenly swamping thesweetness of the tomato. A bit like a bloody mary, except the mingling of the tastes does not last (and of course, you’re drinking Whisky, not the subtitute for aeroplane fuel some people lazily call gin). I’d neevr have thought of it, just a bit of luck. I guess if any of you comes to my place, then you’ll have to give it a try (well, you won’t if you’re a teetotaller *wink*)

Ah, well, I’m running dry on the topic. Expect some more news from across the pond, whenever I get something of interest I want to share.

A Lundi, si le coeur vous en dit!