The thing everybody hates about holidays is that they have to end and you return to work?Just the case this week. I usually have no trouble getting up early in the morning in such instances, but I must say the past week has been awful in this respect. I expressly thankful for the fact that the new tramway has found its marks (at last!!) though, and it rocks. Just one bus connexion to and from my school, eh eh. This saves me the daily traffic jams that had been taking their toll on my temper (and an heavier & heavier one at that, shame on me!) as well as a lot of money?I seeing it is cheaper to ride the tramway than to use my car, and this is likely to be more and more so with the current gas price increase (last week, 1.20 euros, that is 1.44 $ a litre, sheesh?. This also gives me a nice little break during which I can read, or even do some work, cutting what I have t do at home. Needless to say, I am becoming a big fan of our tramway. And just for the fun of it, Il include a pic of it, at the end station where I embark everyday?/SPAN>




The week end was quite busy, I was holding my CBT demonstration at the new hobby shop, which is the reason why I have spent the whole Saturday without connecting to the net. The bad part is that I forgot to bring along my camera, dice, pencils and erasers.. the good part was about everything else. When I arrived at the shop at 2 pm, though, there was a Magic tourney going on, and I was feeling like the only single at a married couples only party?I set up my mechs, my maps (the shop people had been nice and had given me a good spot, but it just seemed every inquiring person had something else to play), and pasted my most engagi,ng smile on my face (Gah, I had somewhat lost touch with reality.. has the average gamer to be like this? * Chuckles * ?So I walked around the various tables, and pretended to have some interest in a WH 40K game being played (beautifully painted minis ) until the guys got bogged down in the usual argument about how many figures had got into hand-to-hand contact, and who was hitting whom?By that time, fortunately, my luck changed, and I had 2 players requesting to be given a demonstration. Youe certainly heard no plan survives contact with the enemy. Maybe FanPro Commandos reading this rant will be able to confirm what I strongly suspect, no scenario survives contact with the gamers. I had worked on a 3025, lance on lance game, but I decided it was way too ambitious (heck, I expected 2 players a side at least? and I cut it down to a mech on mech battle on a single map, that is an Ostroc vs a Grand Dragon. The battle could not be completed, as the parents of one of the contenders came in to get him back, but the fight was balanced, with each player getting the chance to score some damage on the opponent. After that, a member of my group came in (at last! Phew)and this was the occasion to make him fight another interested player. This one already knew of the universe, being a MW4 dedicated player, and even a Smoke Jaguar fan. So he got an Atlas and an Enforcer, siding for Davion, while my group member got a Battlemaster and a Grand Dragon for Kurita. The Kurita player did a very big mistake, he bet the fallen Atlas would not manage to stand up, and remained unmoving and adjacent to it?Needless to say, agaisnt a 3025 Atlas, with a damaged Grand Dragon, this is a one way ticket out?The Atlas made a demonstration of its destructive power by blowing up the Dragon ammo bin. Which was fortunate, as the Kurita player had but a limited amount of time to spend at the shop. And this left time enough (barely!)for a third game?Once again, Ostroc vs Grand Dragon, and once again, the Grand Dragon ammo went off after the Ostroc punched through its left torso. But the Ostroc at that time had a breached CT, and was left but a handful of IS points?o:p>

I was really exhausted when I went back home at 8 pm (heck, nearly 5 hours of providing advice, showing players how to calculate THNs, and calcuklating tehm in their stead?The shop owner was really pleased, next demonstration in April !! Woot!! I have kept the coordinates of 4 more new players, and have good hopes to bring some of  them into the game. Hmmm, I won hide I have sent my submission to Clutch last month to become a Commando. I really looking forward for the answer, eh eh. I feeling much better, and more up to the job now.   



Fabulous Local Gaming Shop


End of the holidays Monday?all goods  things have got to come to an end. And anyway, I used the holidays to make a few purchases for my work I all excited about.. Let prey delivery is fast enough, eh eh?o:p>


Now, this has not been the only issue of these holidays?Settled the matter of my non paying renter.  This will be tough for her, but trust me, Ie been patient and helpful. Even bad things have to come to an end. And started to gather information on a new car?Need to buy one this year. I guess Il buy Renault, since I really happy with mine. 11 years with hardly a breakdown?I feel like a real bastard because the only people likely to buy it is the retailer whol sell me my new car, to have it scrapped. Ah, well?o:p>


Did a few things for Battletech too. Ie painted at least 5 minis over these 2 weeks, just need to take shots of the last ones and post them. Unfortunately, the weather is looking way too bad to allow me the natural lighting I so fond of. Ie had a few MM games with Neko. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, Neko a great player, and the battles were packed with suspensel never forget the duel between my Warhammer and his Catapult. BYW, how would you kitbash  MRMs for a Catapult? Ie dismantled a MWDA JES 2 carrier, and I guess Il use the missile racks. I also had a board battle this Saturday, you can see the ARR and pics on the AFFSHC site?o:p>


Now, I had this meeting with the FLGS guys saturday morning, to set up the details of next week demo. But first, Il access Wombat request and show everyone what this store looks like?/SPAN>




and inside



The interview went quite well. I had brought along 2 painted minis, my Battlecorps poster (heck, I knew I find some use  for it some day), and a few xeroxed pamphlets explaining what Battletech is. The guy told me I done all his work, * chuckles *?so I guess it should be all right next Saturday, all the more since I know Il have at least 3 players coming. I’ll keep you posted on it next week.