Sucky week?



Did you notice that stuff happens to hit the fan in series ? You have a fair amount of weeks where everything is about normal, even good, and suddenly, out of the blue, shazam, troubles pile up on your plate before you can say oul!?

That about how this week went for me. I should have noticed on Monday, the day I resumed work. Much more trouble than usual with kids, which is abnormal on a return day, since everybody relaxed from the holidays?Then starting Tuesday, an incredible series of 3 days of breakdowns for our new tramway. This means you never know at what time youl be home, often very late. So on Friday, for the last one, I got home just in time to leave before a new appointment. Without having my meal?o:p>

Wednesday was the worst day, I think?It was warm, so I took the kids to the swimming pool. Guess what, I forgotten my swimming glasses. So I did not see well underwater, and during a game of picking up a ball from the bottom, I hit the bottom. And broke a front tooth. Well, it doesn hurt, so I should be happy. And I have secured an appointment with the dentist next Friday.

Thursday was kind of quiet, if you don take the tramway breakdown into account. Just a lull before Friday. My younger has what seems to be a severe case of infectious eczema?Poor kid spent the whole evening whimpering and complaining about it. Per chance, we had an appointment with the doctor, and well, it looks like the prescription is working now.

You know what, I happy to be through. I guess I did not face off the little troubles too badly, and well, it should be better next week. Hopefully! * chuckles *


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We were recently discussing eden-like places among the Federated Suns community players in our Mechwarrior Hall famous AFFSHC thread, stating where we wish to live if we were given the opportunity. Hawai, Florida, California were, if I remember correctly, running foremost, though, on the other hand, some expressed their wish to live in England.

I must say at that time, my place was still caught in the claws of a winter that, though in all fairness it failed to be cold, was very reluctant to make way to warmer times. Lots of rain everyday made for some very bleak moods, which, on second thoughts, may very well reflect on some preceding entries higher on this page.

Well, this is all over! With temperatures breaking the 30?C, my place has at last taken the looks I love the most. I know I have shown myself as  Bordeaux-born on the forums, but I must say that although this is technically true, my family comes from the southern part of the d廧artement of Gironde, where you will find very few vineyards. This is the domain of the pine trees, where the northern reaches of the forest of the Landes (Europe biggest) stand. This is a place of straight & flat roads, endlessly running between 2 parallel walls of pine trees towards the coast. Since the forest has been planted by men, the traveller can fail to notice the straight rows of trees flashing past as the car speeds along, a sight many French people call monotonous, even boring, but which never fails to lift my heart when, for the 1st time of the year after the winter, I drive to our place in Biscarrosse, on the Coast of Silver. I love to see these trees, and walk among them. The 1999 storm, that hit France just after Christmas and caused grievous damage, has not been healed through, but you already can see that much work has been accomplished, and that our forest will, sooner than I believed possible at the time, regain its former glory?o:p>

So I cannot resist the pleasure to show you a few pics I shot as we were driving towards the coast yesterday. These have not been taken inland, but rather very close to the coast, in the pine trees covered dunes just behind the beaches.




A little close up of a young pine tree?look at your peril, if you do not fear to sneeze! The brown protrusions at the end of the branches are errrmmm, blossoms?Pine tree pollen is a very invasive yellow powder that seems to cover everything here during the blooming time, and very allergenic too?/SPAN>



And well, lastly, the ultimate goal of the journey. 30蚓elsius, gentlemen, on a 30th of April. Needless to say, we could not resist the temptation to swim. And needless to say, it was a rather short swim, since the water had not yet heated up from the winter cold. But nonetheless enjoyable.





Il end up wishing you all a happy 1st of may, and offer you some lily of the valley to bring you luck and happiness.