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Nearly 2 months have elapsed since I’ve been here for the last time… I suppose most of it can be blamed upon the start of the Fan Councils’ 2nd edition, and the tons of decisions I have to make as the fan First Prince (heck, need to be up to playing Hanse Davion, more so than for my last character)… But this is not the only reason, I’m afraid.

Let’s say I really had no wish to comment on the shameful show French political leaders, from all sides, have been treating the world with since we voted on the EU treaty on May 29th, and soundly defeated it. I have made no mysteries I have voted no, not wanting to tie my country’s hands with a voluntarily vague, but expressly binding, and impossible to change, text…

It will suffice to say that Chirac’s refusal to step down after suffering his 3rd crushing electoral defeat in less than 14 months, or at least to disband the Parliament or call to the Prime Ministry  his camp’s only clear political winner, Sarkozy, did not improve the already abysmally low image I have both of his person and his presidency. This is just so much in character for him to deny all responsability in the situation, and bet on the citizens’ sense of responsability and reluctance to create havoc in the country through a social upheaval.

There is also an other side to Chirac, and one which maybe I despise I despise more than the first one. Whenever he’s in trouble, or in a campaign, there is no level low enopugh for him to refuse to stoop to. This is especially true today, where the only thing he’s found is to fan the flames of our medias’ paranoia about Mr Blair’s EU presidency. And when I say stoop, you can bet it’s low. Just a bit of reading will be convincing enough, I bet:


Sad, isn’t it? Well, this is the guy who has been leading our country for 10 years now, and, yes (kick me hard!!!!) the guy I voted for back in 2002. In a few sentences, he’s managing to insult 2 EU countries, making his diplomatic problems even worse, but perhaps gaining one or 2 points in the polls (till his own incompetence sends him plummeting again, that is…). But I never could stand for racism or xenophobia, especially from someone who, whether I wish it or not (an rather strongly not in my case) is representing me as a French citizen, so I’ll gladly dissociate from such nonsense. I’ve been quite a few times to England and really, there is nothing wrong with their cooking. Really, Mr Chirac should try a few of their recipes before he speaks so disparagingly… I’ve never been to Finland, on the other hand, but I’m more than sure there is no truth in Chirac’s words there either. The closest I tried was some danish cooking, and my mouth still waters at the thought of it.


I’m not all for political rants, but there are times you must name a cat a cat, as we say here. For too long Mr Chirac has been unworthy of occupying the post he’s been entrusted with. The best service he could render his country, if he’s still left an ounce of patriotism, would be to step down. But I’m confident he won’t. Just expect to see him strut down the Champs Elys嶪s on the next 14th of July, pretending nothing has happened.


Anyway, happy Birthaday to MadDogMaddux, of CBT! May the coming year bring you all you’re wishing for, mon ami!