A punch to the face


Sometimes you take a piece of news like a punch to the face. I feeling really bad tonight after I discovered this story (and no, Niko, you have no responsibility. In fact, I grateful for your pointing me this way) :




My first reaction, at the time, was to disbelieve this story, but, I confess, in the face of such determination to make it the truth, I was shaken and concededhat else is to be said? I am feeling both ashamed and guilty. All I can do is ask for the Israeli nation and the Palestinian people forgiveness for my country,  and pray that God will allow the truth to come out, and that these responsible for this will acknowledge it and formally apologise.


Saint Roch


The town I live in, Cestas, near Bordeaux, used to hold the yearly fin fair on the 1st week end of September, on Saint Roch day. The fair always took place veru close to my family place, and, as far as I can remember, I have memories of myself, my brother, my cousin and a neighbour little girls spending our pocket money and hours on end on the merry-go-rounds. Of course, I have grown older, and reason tells me I am indeed at the middle (at least, who knows?) of my life journey. Our little group has scattered, some of them have left forever, and none of my family grown ups at that time is still alive?o:p>


But I do find some comfort today in seeing some things, at least, do not change?In these times of appalling news, where all that you took for granted can be so suddenly torn away from you, it is a Godsend to find a few islands of stability, however small and illusory they may be?I will first give my utmost sympathy to all those who lost all in the New Orleans disaster. Be assured I will pray for you all, and for the success of the undertaken relief efforts. As a French, and a friend of the United States, I would hate to see your fine town gone forever. That it can live on is also high on my wish list.


I will end with a few pics of the fun fair. It taking place in the family park, which wee been lending to the township for years to this purpose.


A general view






?and Olivier.



On the Battletech front, I am finishing now Dawn of the Jihad. Il talk more abut it later, but for now, Il just say I found the mini campaign exciting. Il probably give it a go as a GM, if I can find time to work on it. And this year Summer Holidays?minis count is quite good too: 15 more minis painted, this is not too shabby.