Some friends have expressed some interest in what I might think of te riots currently taking place  in some French suburbs?hoping perhaps for some enlightened  cooments on the question?o:p>



Il just say that with my work, my family and the part I playing in making the CBT Fan councils RPG work, I have almost reached the desired state of blissful ignorance of what may be taking place in the real world around me?CBT politics as a tranquilizer, that is?o:p>

Now, from what Ie seen of it on the web since, well, let just cut down the media hype. There is no civil war here?France is not tearing it self asunder, and, like often with all things French, posturing and speaking loudly are all but mistaken for the real state of affairs?


As for an insider opinion, well, let just say this confirms all the reservations I made about Sarkozy. I know he may well be our most popular politico abroad, but I have always found he achieved very little (improving security? The current rioting show what a joke his previous ministry has been? but spent much time in the media to make people think otherwise. And well, assuming a tough stance without having the capacity to deliver is so stupid that he has altogether  lost any hope of seeing me vote for him?If there is a thing here that needs to be cleaned with a powerhose, this is the French political ways.

The rioting youths have some points though. It true that French society, and especially police, have little consideration for them (and let be frank: some people are outright xenophobic here). But all too often, and remember I am a teacher, I have seen them use the excuse of social discrimination, racism etc as a pretext not to work to make profit of the chances the Republic is offering them (free schools, free distractions, sport equipments, decent housing at moderate prices , state subsidies for their families etc?. It way easier to say it everybody else fault than  to remedy what is plaguing you, and instil fear and/or a feeling of guilt to get your way.


How will all this turn out? Well, anyone guess. My bet is that things will subside soon once everyone has taken a few more steps to the brink, and that the current status quo is slightly endangered?


Now if anyone has a spare Battlehawk to sell? True, I have already one, but I absolutely need another for my Crucis Lancers?