Holidays ending

I’m starting on a new painting technique fad.. that’s now 2 mechs in a row I’ve painted by applying an inkwash first, then drybrushing in the same color, and applying my magic mixture wash… I really like the way the minis turn out, and, in one case, the Clint, my usual panelling technique would have been ugely inappropriate. This opens a whole new range of minis to me, that is those which lack details, or those whose details are so tiny it makes panelling counterproductive, like this Clint. Varying techniques, and schemes, is also a good way to stave off a painter’s unescapable stalker for some time, the burnout. Well, it’s great fun painting now, I have done some 5 mechs in 2 weeks, which is a very, very good rate for me.

Holidays end in 2 days, though I can’t complain after just spending 2 whole weeks at rest… It’s just that, unlike for the 2 months summer holidays, I haven’t had the time to grow impatient to resume work. But actually, we’re moving onwards to the warm season… and I’m looking forward for spring, and the nice Sunday afternoon walks through te countryside.




It has been a year since my first miniature made it to the Camospecs gallery, a 4th DLC Hornet :

Over the course of this year, I have painted and published there more than 50 miniatures, and well, I have also done a few Unseens and taken part in some contests?In fact, I have been so busy, and happy painting, some of my online friends had to open their homes to a few pieces, to try to forestall the invasion of my home (which, I afraid, is a lost battle). And this was also the occasion to try quite a few new techniques, and add variety to the schemes I have painted. Special thanks to Ral Partha Europe, for the minis they are providing, and to Fighting Piranhas Graphics, without whose decals minis would assuredly not look as good  as they do.