Classic Battletech France


I can’t believe it has been 2 years (nearly ) since my last update to that Blog. Why has it been so long? Well, I have to face it, I have never been that good a writer, and a lot of what I write I find boring, or silly, or both when I review it months later. And other things competed for my free time as well, such as managing the Fan Grand Council (and let’s afce it, I have dropped the ball on this one as well), painting for Camospecs (big rewardsthere, as I have some of my stuff in the most recent rulebooks ), reading. And the kids are growing up and take more and more of my time, which is, after all, as it should be (now, what form this will take in one or two years remains to be seen. Alex is 12, after all ).

I’m quite happy with the boxed set. The minis aren’t perhaps the best quality, but it’s commonplace (and true ) that you won’t beat the bang for the buck. You’ve got 24 of them, after all, and, I must say, they paint up really well (except, that is, that Catapult but that’sa minor thing ). Hopefully this will help the sales, as people can see what they look like when (well, hopefully ) painted. Reactions from shopkeepers here have been enthusiastic, which bodes well, provided we get a translated version.

On the home front, ClassicBattletech France has been a reality fornearly a year. It took quite some time to get it started, with a 6 months stop due to health issues of teh site designer. But it’s working now, with players willing to work for the hobby.

Next step is to recruit moreFrench Commandos, as, well, I can’t hope to expand CBT here more than i do on my own. Hopefully we will soon get official recognition, which would help immensely.

Oh, and to all who have patiently read so far, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!    



2 thoughts on “Classic Battletech France

  1. Bonjour Foxbat, ceux semblent bons pour le plastique ‘mechs.
    Forgive any errors in my poor french.  You really don’t learn a language with someone to converse with regularly.  I can read/decode french but speak it like a drunken tourist.

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