New Battletech terrain

 Yesterday, Stef and I had a great game on the new terrain. Doesn’t it look smashing? Got to lowve all these little fishtank decoraions, and the way they’ve been transformed to fit the map, and the creative use of stoppers, model bits and sundry bits and ends that bring to life a thirtieth century landscape…

A close up on the town’s building. This Ti Tsang is standing on what once was the packaging of new Year’s foie gras.

The industrial zone : spray caps and printer cartridges :

Before entering battle, this Templar pilot ponders the horrors of war as he looks at the grizzly traces of earlier wars…

Well, let’s admit it : I didn’t land a hand in their making. Stef made it all, and I must say, I wouldn’t have done as well. It feels great no longer to be the sole resource guy for Battletech, and that players have caught up (and well, yes, started to overtake as well! )

Which was underlined in the 2 little games we had. The first game was a classic Liao vs Davion battle. Don’rt be fooled by the paintschemes, even though ther mechs were painted as Davion Guards and 3rd MAC, all jockeys were mere 4/5. A single lance under 6500 BV for each, Liao fielding a Thunder, a Lao Hu, a Sha Yu 4B and a Ti Tsang vs Davion’s Templar C(heese), Warhammer 8D, Uziel 2S and Phoenix Hawk 3PL.

The first part of the battle saw a headlong charge of the Liaoists (surging out of the town) at the Davions; the Feddies, after falling back for a few moves ( losing init every turn) and missing all their shots, are forced to make a stand. The Uziel will pay dearly for itn losing an arm to the Thunder’s AC20… the only saving for the beleaguered Fedsunners was that the Ti Tsang and Sha Yu, sent on an evelopping move, were not bringing their guns to the battle yet.

From then on, things started to look up for Davion : while Liao Acc 20 shots, they never concentrated, and the Thunder first lost its boom stick, and the following turn was ammo critted by the Uziel’s SRM6 and went down. The Templar and Lao HU duelled, the Templar losing a leg (ouch) but destroying the Hu’s LB20X and inflicting 2 engine crits, before killing it the following turn by destroying its right torso. Messy, isn’t it?

As the Ti Tsang suffered a Gyro hit by the Whammy, and the Sha Yu was legged, we ended the game. Then we had a zell game, Jaguars fielding a Daishi H (the birthday present I gave to Stef), a Supernova and a Mad Cat Prime, vs a Turkina C, Masakari C and Mad Cat prime for teh Blood Spirits. All mechs are Stef’s (who also took all the pics of this report, as, once more, I’d forgotten my camera…) :

At the end of the game, played without a single breach of zelbriggen only the Spirits’ Mad Cat was “standing” (well, sort of, as with 2 leg crits, I hadn’t yet tried to stand it up). A Chicago Cub’s finale too, as while the Daishi put a gauss pellet through the Masakari’s windshield, the latter took ou a side torso and critted the CT engine, destroying it.