Some scenery for my 1/285 forces.

The enclosed fields with edges I’ve made. May be helpful, and will create more challenges in he games…


And of course, the equalizer that trenches are in cWC scenarii… they look a nit like 18th century earthworks, but they hold each a base without problem.

Tank pits are built with the stopper holding ring of soda bottles.


Air Raid Warning

Just to spice up my table for my BKC II Russia 41 games, a few minis from Heroics and Ross (decals are from Dom Skelton, so it seems I shopped exclusively British for this batch of minis eh eh). At any rate, bombs away! laughing


Junker Ju87 Stuka

Messerschmitt Me 109 Emil

And to give a run for their money to the guys above, here comes the Red Air Force!

Polikarpov I 16

SB2 Sofia