El Alamein Armies

A a kid, my favorite period of WW2 was the desert war… I’d biought these miniatures some 10 years ago (at least) from Skytrex Action 200, and started painting them. And stopped midway for some forgotten reason. But with my discovery of Blitzkrieg Commander, the fire was somewhat rekindled and I finished what I’d started so long ago.


The Afrika Korps

They are gifted with 2 infantry battalions (9 Infantry, 1 HMG, 1 Mortar) and 4 panzer companies (Panzer IV, III and II). IIIs can be palyed as the H or J Ausführungen…

The whole lot

Various Panzers (and old paintjobs)

Half Tracks… there’s a controversy on their availability, but i’ve found some pics of them during 1st El Alamein. At any rate they are cool, and I’ll sacrifice historicity on the altar of enjoyment laughing


German cheese… 88mm Flak guns without which any desert war game would lack flavour. The IG 75mm is one of the worst cast minis I’ve ever seen…

Infantry and their rides… I can’t remember what the open topped left hand cars are.

The German CO and their bus


And their erstwhile foes, the British 8th Army

The whole lot…

Infantry and their trucks.

The Britih CO and their Dorchester Mammoth

British Armor… “Honeys”, Grants and Crusaders



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