Victory at Siegen [Cold War Commander]

Steph and I had our CWC game for the battle of Siegen, in the Bear and the Eagle campaign held by Firestorm96 on the Blitzkrieg Commander board


This is a breakthrough game, with the French attacking East German defenders. Stef rolled poorly on teh supply die, losing 1% of his 2000 points force while I rolles low too, but was saved by the +1 bonus for the scenario. He settled for a battalion of RPG armed grunts, a battalion of improved T72, an entrenched ambush, and lots of mines. I built my force around an armoured battalion in AMX30, a mechanized battalion in AMX 10P, some recon in AMX 10RC, and various supports (mortars, off board 155mm arty and 2 Jaguars, all of them never activating during the game). I’d granted Stef a hidden deployment, he rolled 6, so got 6 decoys for his 3 HQ and CO.


The map

The Terrain, seen from the East German side. The red beads are cheats, the white beads are the corners of the minefields.

East German Plan

With such a huge force difference, the East Germans had a resolutely defensive plan. Their intention was to use the Steinberg and the Tannenberg to give their tanks protected firing positions, while their infantry would interdict the town. An ambush, on ridge 105, would prevent envelopment through Sachsenfeld, while minefields would be deployed from the Bauerberg to the north of Ridge 105 in order to slow down the expected attack.

French plan 

Given the possibility of an ambush in Sachsenfeld, as well as the proximity of the daunting Tannenberg position, the French chose to attack on the southern flank, taking profit of the intervals between the minefields. The infantry, after a diversionnary deployment, would fall back south on the Altkirch road towards the Bauer farm. A squadron of tanks would cover the northern flanks, driving towards the Bauer farm. Two more squadrons, under the CO, would hop from ridgeto ridge on the southern flank, hammering any opposition with their 105 mm gun. Recon would scout ahead, trying to reveal enemy cheats, and aetillery or air support would be called if needed. Lastly, a samll flanking force would enter from the south.


Deployment and intentions

Roquejoffre : 6 AMX 30

Stefanelli : 4 AMX 30

Forant : 4 AMX 10P

Kerhével : 3 AMX 10P

Turn 1

The French advance started badly, with a failed command roll by teh CO, while no other command managed more than 2 successfull rolls. Recon, hoowever, spotted one of the German blinds, revealing a squadron of 4 T72 on the Steinberg. This had a price however, as the German tanks opened up in their phase,rolling a command bonus : this was needed, as incredibly the recon tanlk was only hit 3 times on the first order, saving all. The second order took it out.

Turn 1 Map

An AMX 10 RC is destroyed by the T72.

French infantry (Forant) in Altkirch

Stefanelli’s AMX 30 blunder

Turn 2

While both infantry squadrons were progressing along teh Altkirch road, The northern tanks rolled a command blunder sending them back to their starting positions. But the main force crested Ridge 104, out of range of the T72 125mm guns, but not of their own 105mm guns. With a 10 CV leader in close proximity, they passed a series of command rolls that let them obliterate 2 T72s on the Steinberg. The T72 retreated to Siegen, but opportunity fire from the AMX 30 knocked out another platoon. This was, in my opinion, te point where the battle was won, as the East German plan’s flaws were laid bare : splitting their tanks on exposed positions was an invitation for the French to tear them apart separately.

Turn 2 Map

Roquejoffre’s tanks fire at long range

T72 die on the Steinberg…

… and lose more to opportunity fire as they retreat


Turn 3

While Stefanelli’s tanks were still blundering, moving forward then falling back, French infantry (Kerhével and Forant) were piling up on the road before the Bauer Farm, because both of poor command rolls and the suspicion of an ambush in the farm. The main force under Roquejoffre crested the Bauerberg, coming just within extreme range of the T72s on the Tannenberg. On their activation, these tanks managed to take out an AMX 30 platoon, and moved forward on ridge 105 to continue. This would have been serious, as they were flanking the French tanks who blocked each other’s line of fire. But they failed their next command roll.

Turn 3 Map

Dead AMX 30s on the Bauerberg

T72 advance on ridge 105.


Turn 4

Lits of things happened this turn, which efinitely clinched the French victory. Unwilling to commit the tanks on the Bauerberg for fear of devastating flanking fire, I moved up Stefanelli’s command, who embarked on a series of terrific command rolls. They started with a command bonus, and another good roll, which allowed them to drive right past Bauer’s farm, losing but a single tank platoon to reaction fire from the T72 on ridge 105. They then managed to hit, and suppress all three T72 platoons. This allowed Roquejoffre’s tanks to roll down the slopes of teh Bauerberg, and engage these T72, knocking them all out. Meanwhile, Force Jauzée’s flanking march arrived and stopped just south of the Steinberg, while the infantry caught their act at last, and occupied Bauer’s Farm, to find it empty of ennemy troops. This left teh Esat Germans no option but to hunker down in Siegen.

Turn 4 Map

T72s KOed on ridge 105


Turn 5

Force Jauzée went round te Steinberg, unloaded their infantry and reached Siegen’s southern flank, which allowed an east german platoon to RPG7 a platoon of APCs. Meanwhile, Stefanelli’s, Forant and Kerhével’s companies managed burt a single order which allowed them to reach the foot of the Steinberg. Roquejoffre’s tanks climbed up teh Steinberg, coming under fire from a T72 platoon which failed to kill anything ( a combination of the shelter of being upslope, and of a second comand roll that failed)

Turn 5 Map


Turn 6

Force Jauzeé’s armour suppressed the German platoon in Southern Siegen, allowing an assault by theur infantry that finished off the defenders. Meanwhile, Roquejoffre’s tanks killed off the T72 on Siegen’s edge, and 2 tank platoons charged into Siegen in order to interdict its main street. Thay came within charge distance of another infantry platoon, who close assaulted one of them but was destroying in the process. At that point, the defenders had reached their break point, and rolled boxcars on their die, which effectively ended the game.


Turn 6 map

KOed T72 in Siegen

Jauzée envelops Siegen

AMX 30s in Siegen


My 2nd CWC game as a player, but one that really showed how well these rules work. Hidden deployment effectively renderd support assets useless, as there was but a single turn I could have bombarded and strafed enemy forces, but I failed both rolls… which sends a (figurative laughing ) retrospective shudder down my spine, as had the EG concentrated their armor on the Tannenberg, concentrated their mines on the northern flank and set up an ambush in the woods east of the Bauerberg, things could quite have gone differently… At any rate, tahnks to Stef for a great game.





The Bear and the Eagle : campaign map, Turns 1-3

As you may know if you’ve followed Firestorm96’s topic on the Blitzkrieg Commander Boards, I’ve joined his Bear an Eagle campaign, with some friends from the club, and proposed to take charge of posting the campaign map on the internet. Here is the first such map, covering turns 1 to 3 :


The battles that have taken place are designated by numbers, and an AAR can be found for them on Firestorm96’s topic :


Campaign turn 1

1 : Wolfenbuttel. Soviet & East German vs US, UK, Dutch abnd West German

2 : Kassel. 4th Cabadian Mech Brigade vs 47th Soviet Guard Tank Division

3 : 2nd Fulda. Soviet vs US 11th ACR & West German 7th PzD


Campaign turn 2

4 : Luneburg. 3rd PzD and French 11th Para break out of a Soviet encirclement

5 : Goslar. The Soviet 10th Guards Tank Division assaults the British 4th Armoured


Campaign turn 3

6 : Wurzburg. The uS 11th ACR makes a limited counterattack to relieve Soviet pressure on the Frankfurt area

7 : Crossing the Rhine. NATO makes a desperate try to hold the 27th Guards Motorised Division

8 : Siegen. The French 1st Armoured Division tries to cut off teh supply line of the Soviet elements on the Rhine.

Siegen will be played today, so expect an AAR very soon! winky