Stratejeux 2011 report

Here are a few pics of the Stratejeux Convention near Bordeaux. There was a Blitzkrieg Commander 2 table, held by our friends from Périgueux, but I had no time to indulge, having my own table to run. This said, they had a smashing terrain (actually, the 1st Manassas made for another rule ), and some late eastern front stuff


Some lend lesase Sheremas gret slaughtered by Panthers

Medium panzers on the prowl

The Soviets attempted a flanking, but that was too ambitious as the scarcity of HJQs left the T34 85 uncommanded…

The Con’s best looking table, a XVIIth century castle and gardens, ready for te struggle between the Sun King’s mousquetaires and some traitorous nobles’ henchmen

And our own Battletech table, depicting Solaris 7 arenas.