Achtung Tiger!!!

We held a BKC gaming session at the club on November 3rd. Wanting to try something new, we brought the 20mm figures we usually have for another set of rules and borrowed the club’s for the afternoon. Since I’d forgotten to bring along my camera, pics were taken by another member , so I had them but last week, ansince d other issues delayed this report, blurring my memories, I’m begging your pardon for its sketchiness. IIRC, setting was the spring of 1944. Russians try to take by surprise a moderately defended town before alerted German armour can prevent them. Unfortunately for them, it appeared that the defenders were elite Paras with a wittmanesque Tiger in support.


Here is the Terrain. We’d decided to simply double every distance, so at 2.40m x 1.80m, the table felt somewhat cramped. The German Paras are alreday occupying the town, supported by the Tiger and the entranched PaK 40. The Russians are arriving from the east, and must take the westernmost building before turn 12 to win, or break the german battlegroup. On turn 4, some German armour will enter from the west (under the CO).

The Germans score 1 victory point for each turn the are sole occupiers of this building, both sides score 2 points for each killed AFV, 1 point for each other unit killed. Here are the opposing sides rosters :

Both German HQs can command any troop, but for the reinforcements. Soviet HQs are restricted to the troops under them, except the CO who can command everyone.


Tiger in the woods! Actually, an already painted Altaya model.

The Russians opted for two infantry wings and an armoured center. While the Regulars would advance on the northern hill through the woods, the mounted conscripts would gallop down teh road as fast as possible (the russian player had bet I’d leave the eastern borders empty…) while the tanks would advance and engage the Tiger, under the lee of the little hill at the crosroads that would shelter them from the PaK 40. The German plan was simple : shoot them, slow them down and hold till the cavalry arrived (hopefully in time).

Phase 1

Things started swimmingly for the Soviets, the Regulars getting a command bonus that allowed them to cross the woods. They decided not to move the border of teh forest though, somewhat daunted by the sight of the steel monster majestically sitting on top of the opposing wooded hill. Then stuff started to go south : the mounted conscripts rode down the road, coming into range of the Pak 40 and of the yet unseen MG42. These opened up, killing some and pinning the remainderr, mounted, on the road and in the open…


1 Russian Regulars advance in the woods

2 T34s advance and duel with the Tiger

3 Shermans stay behind

4 Conscripts get slaughtered on the road

While the Shermans failed their command roll, the T34 rumbled forward, engaged the Tiger and failed to do anything. Then it was the German phase… The PaK 40 and MG 42 kept murdering soviet conscripts on the road, and the Tiger took out its first T34.

Russians then started a spectacular series of failed command rolls, while their planned first mission struck into thin air. The Tiger ahd a field day, killing tanks, while the soviet conscripts kept being butchered (being mounted under fire really sucks…)


Russian conscripts shot up on the road

Phase 2

The Russians conscripts eventually dismounted and moved down the road, as at last rockets pummelled the Pak 40 (and doing nothing, too…). But that was too little, too late, and as some paras had moved to occupy the eastermost buildings, combined fire finished off the whole unit..


1 Conscripts move to the woods edge, take losses

2 Tiger wins its battle vs Russian armour

3 German paras open up fire

4 Conscripts wiped out!

5 Paras move into edgetown houses

6 Reinforcements saty idle

The regulars moved to the edge of the woods on the other flanks, but came underr the fire of two platoons hidden in the nearest building. The Shermans moved at last forward, only to be butchered by the Tiger who took out 3 of them. This left 4 Russian tanks alive, and still, they nearly managed to destroy the big cat, inflicting 5 unsaved hits in a single turn, and pinning it. But stellar fire from the paras took out another 2 platoons of Soviets in the woods, and that was that, as this was one above break point, and the Russians failed their roll. Meanwhile, the German reinforcements had duly arrived on turn 4, only to fail every command roll afterwards, and remained idle on the road west of the town till the end. As though they knew they were not needed!


Russians engage in a tank battle…




Reinforcements go sightseeing….






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