Blitzkrieg V3 Project 1940 – 20 mm scale

Since few people should now, Blitzkrieg is a French language WW2 ruleset, best played in 15 or 20 mm scale. It is – very loosely – based on the old Advanced Squad Leader system, and has a following in France proper. V3 since it is the third iteration of the rules and, as the saying goes, “Three is the charm”. I can only hope that for English speaking players a translation will be made as the correction of the V2 glitches makes V3 a very coherent and efficient system IMO. For those who want to know more, here is a link to the French site :

Link to the Blitzkrieg site


Fact is, I followed the discussionb relating to the design of the new version on their forum, and liked what I read so much I decided to give V3 a try and paint a set of brand new armies in 20 mm (the club’s favorite scale) for the 1940 campaign (everyone is used to play late esatern or western fronts, or the Pacific, so early war should be a change)

So, here is swhat I have painted so far, starting with the Germans :

Panzer IVs




Panzer IIIs


Panzer IIs


a Company of Schützen


some sort of limber


an Opel Blitz


and the French side, just a platoon of S35 Somuas painted for now



I will add 2 more Pz III, 2 more Pz II, a Pz I,  another German Schützen Company, 2 Half tracks, 2 Pak 36, a  SiG 33, and a recce unit with 2 side-cars and a Sdkfz 250 which should make for a respectable German force. Of course, the French side will need to grow too, and will get a 4 tanks strong H 39 platoon, 2 infantry companies, 2 25 mm AT guns, and some recce with an AMR and a side-car. This will keep me busy for some time, but meanwhile I will be enjoying other gamers’ late war armies for a good game of Blitzkrieg V3.